Kidney Care Pakistan (KCP) is a website focused on raising awareness about the importance of kidneys, and providing support and information to kidney disease patients and caregivers.

KCP was envisioned and founded in 2016 by Arghoon Baig and Mehr Akbar.

Arghoon is a kidney patient himself and on dialysis since 2014. His wife, Mehr, has been alongside him  in his battle with kidney disease and dialysis. They were settled in the Middle East when Arghoon’s kidneys failed and he had to start dialysis. Soon after due to weakness and other complications related to kidney disease, Arghoon had to quit his job and move back to Pakistan.

During their treatment in Pakistan, they realized that there is a huge gap in terms of kidney patient information and support in Pakistan. And together they decided to start KCP to educate kidney patients and their care givers and to empower them to manage their health. Because in kidney disease (and other illnesses as well) the patient and their care givers are as equally responsible for managing their healthcare needs as their doctors and other healthcare professionals. But to do this, patients needed to be educated about this disease and ways to manage it.

Unfortunately, the healthcare system in Pakistan is stretched beyond it’s capability and need. Therefore every doctor and healthcare professional is focused on providing the absolute necessary medical treatments needed. And this leaves a void where patients are forced to follow the advice of the doctors without getting the knowledge and support they need to understand what kidney disease is actually doing to their biological systems and how can they manage and improve their health.

KCP aims to fill this void with information about kidney disease that can help the patients and their caregivers understand this illness, and as a result, empower them to take responsibility of their own health.

KCP also aims to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys and their functions, so the general public can take better care of themselves and as a result KCP aims to reduce the growing number of chronic kidney disease patients that emerge each year in Pakistan.

If you or your loved one is a kidney disease patient, Arghoon and Mehr would love to hear from you. Get in touch with them by clicking here.